PHIX FILM is an independent production company developing a slate of long form projects for TV and film. 



This is the story of the men and women who fought to bring law and order to London.

The London of the 1730’s is a world of fabulous wealth and elegance, side by side with sickening cruelty and squalor. Law enforcement was a mockery; justice a farce. A city where the rich employ their own bodyguards and a handful of night watchmen armed only with a lantern and staff provide protection for the rest of the population. 

Based on the book ‘The Masters Of Bow Street’ by John Creasy this is an action thriller TV series set amidst the most dangerous, filthy and corrupt period of London’s long unruly history.  It charts the events that lead to the establishment of the first Police Force and follows John Furnival and his privately owned militia defending London against the Underworld gangs of notorious villain Frederick Jackson.


This is the first feature film project from director Philip Sansom. Developed with the assistance of Northern Ireland Screen & Lottery Funding this project is a British Action Thriller laced with a rich vein of dark humour.

Northern England, Austerity Britain; Rob, a troubled Royal Marine with PTSD, finds his support group of disaffected and disabled ex-soldiers is being forced to close. Facing insurmountable odds he unites the group in a hair-brained scheme to steal from the rich gangsters destroying their community. In a raid on a local drug den, this unlikely vigilante gang inadvertently uncover a deeper corruption running through the local authorities. Action mingles with gallows humour as they fight for survival and discover that sometimes taking action can be the best kind of therapy.




PHIX have developed a TV food series entitled 'Where Food Begins' which features chef Mark Hix and combines music, art & food like never before.
Throughout the series we'll be introduced to the secrets of the food world by MBE awarded chef & restaurateur Mark Hix.

We'll be given inside access to discover hidden places where hard working craft farmers and artisan producers create some of the worlds finest ingredients. 
Mark HIx is one of Britains most important chefs, supporting a diverse range of artisan producers many of whom would struggle to continue without him.

'Where Food Begins' combines the cinematic flair of Chef's Table with Mark's Floyd-esque presenting style, as we unearth some of the UK's finest ingredients and unique ares of natural beauty.



Art and passion combine as Barbara Hepworth struggles against societal conventions to establish herself as one of the pre-eminent sculptors of Modernist Art.

A pioneering female artist of the 20th century, she relentlessly strived to create great art in the face of war, family responsibilities and men who derided her and her right to practise as a sculptor.

Based on the life & times of sculptor Barbara Hepworth this is a beautifully cinematic and compelling dramatic love story, set against the hardship of World War 2 and the birth of Modernist Art. 




Building from concept of Phil’s latest short film, 'Last Respects' the feature expands on the storyline, bringing in some new characters and upping the ante for a Whisky infused rollercoaster road movie around the Scottish highlands.

Last Respects the short film is out out festivals now.